News from the Bishop’s Trust

To all our supporters,

 This open letter brings you up-to-date with Bishop’s Trust activities since the reopening of St Thomas’ for church and community use in July 2010. Everyone will know that Neill has arranged for services to be held every Sunday at 9.30 am and every Wednesday at 10.00 am. The services are well attended and enjoyed by all members of the congregation.

The Trust has been pleased to fund the installation of additional lighting inside the church. We have also set some money aside as a contribution to the installation of a sound system which, we understand, is being looked into by the Parish.

A fascinating short history of St Thomas’ Church has been commissioned from Betty Jones and is now on sale at the church, Parkgate Stores and at Nicholls of Parkgate. We think it will be popular and hope that the sales will assist us in our current project. This project is being conducted in partnership with Neston Town Council and The Parkgate Society and the main purpose is to restore the perimeter sandstone wall and reopen the original entrance to the church. It will involve the demolition of the bus shelter and the replacement of the unsightly lamp post in a different position on the pavement. The entrance will lead via some steps to a pathway to the main entrance to the church. A second stage to the project will be landscaping and planting the gardens and the provision of more benches. We anticipate visitors to Parkgate being attracted to the new entrance and the gardens and of course the church. The church will definitely be more visible to the public as a result of the measures we are taking. Work has already started so improvements to that part of Parkgate will soon be seen by all.               

Funds required for the first stage of this work have been accumulated but are not, as yet, sufficient for the whole project so we are seeking additional support, including donations. Community support for St Thomas’ has been impressive; a large proportion of the cost of restoration has come from local people and we hope that you will help finish the job. Donations can be sent to me at the address on this letter, cheques payable to The Bishop’s Trust for St Thomas’ Parkgate. If you are a tax-payer we can recover tax under the gift-aid scheme thus increasing its value at no cost to you.  I can supply a form for the purpose on request.

We have also done a lot of work to bring theSt Thomas’ website up to date and to keep it so. I do encourage anyone interested in the work we are doing to look at this site.

We are thrilled to see how the vision for St Thomas’, first articulated by Neill on 5th September 2002, is working out, due largely to the persistence and energy of the local community and, now, the congregation. With your help, the Trust is committed to seeing it through and looks forward to your support.

With my sincere thanks,

Michael Potts


Please reply to: Prospect House, The Parade, Parkgate, Neston, CH64 6SA (Tel No 0151 336 1795)


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